Mini Motivations

All Her Paths are Peace

I have always loved this proverb and I am a fan of words that inspire and these really made me stop and think. You know those people you come across now and again that have that way about them that just exudes peace and tranquility? Well those are the people who I am drawn to, they are easy and honest and just have an ability to create peace wherever they go. I always imagine that all their paths are peaceful because how could anyone be anything but, when met with this energy. The truth is that they are not always met with peace, even with their best intentions. It's the world we live in but it doesn't have to change the peaceful people who even through negativity, strive to keep themselves in balance and are determined to keep on the path of peace. Follow the light, even if it means letting go of things you love that do not help you to grow and feel a sense of comfort and well being. 
People and things come and go to teach us what we need, not always to stay in our lives forever. Be brave and follow the path of peace, even with the minor pitfalls along the way.