Saturday, 4 July 2020

Take the Best of You with you wherever you go! ♥

A little Kindness really does go a long way. This is true in turbulent situations as well as in interactions with people we know very well. It's hard not to assume that we know perfectly well how someone will react because we've known them for a long time. The reality is that people change and their opinions change, overnight sometimes. We hope that with a certain evolutionary process in thinking, as we learn from our experiences, that we can find common ground but it's not a given. We know what assumption makes out of us and for communication to stay on point and in the realm of a compassionate nature, act like you are meeting everyone for the first time when you interact. 

Put your best intentions forward and come from a place of kindness and understanding. It can only help you and hopefully the people you are meeting to leave feeling better understood and if not, at least you can say you really did try your best!

Affirmation: I will always do my best to bring kindness and compassion to everyone I meet, nobody is exempt.