Saturday, 20 December 2014

Make the most of where you are NOW

We all have goals and dreams that we have planned for ourselves and it's what keeps us motivated and striving for better but when we lose all connection to what is right in front of us right now, we miss experiences and so many opportunities to connect with our hearts, souls and 
ultimately our spiritual journey. 
If I can plant one seed today it would be to encourage you to find the very best in where you are right now and be grateful for making it this far.

 Keep living, loving and laughing in the moment of right NOW!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Shine Your Own Light!

WE all have gifts to share or a light within that shines brightly when we are in our creative zones, don't be afraid to let others light their own flames from yours. When you are constantly putting out your creative energy it will eventually become depleted so we all need each other to keep that spark alive! My messages come to you in very high color, visually stimulating graphics and texts because that's what I love to see and create. Color has always fascinated me and when I learned how to create my own graphics, I knew black and white were NOT going to be  enough to satisfy my needs. It's one way of many that I choose to connect with the world around me and music is another, but that is a whole other website altogether that hopefully will connect to this one once I am able to sync everything together. The common factor is that we all should tap into whatever it is that makes us light up and make it a daily habit. When you have a zest for life that is often found in our creative outlets, it makes for a stress-free, happy person that is naturally lit from within. 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

How you spend your time...

is how you spend your life!

We ALL lead busy lives but I find it a blessing when my time is free enough to include a phone call to a dear friend or even better, a few hours of time together catching up. I try not to be too busy for times like these and I cherish those in my life who make room for me. These are life's simple pleasures that feed our soul! How are you spending your time and is it truly on things that make your life more meaningful?