Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sweet Surrender

I was playing with some ideas of how to live a more freeing life, one that easily lets go of grudges and resentments and makes lots of room for fun and happy times. It is much easier said than done though and even when we know the consequences of toxic emotions, we cling to them day after day. We think that if we say it enough and remove ourselves from every situation that we feel might be damaging, that we are solving this problem. The truth is that if you don't make peace with any hurtful situation and release it, you'll see the residue staining every future relationship that you get into. There comes a time when the opinions of others can no longer influence your actions, you need to know for yourself how you feel and why you think the way you do. While some opinions are helpful for perspective, it can hurt you to take on someone else's thinking because they have come to their own conclusions about life based on their very different experiences and we need to be aware of that. No two people will ever see the same way on every subject and nor should they expect to. It all boils down to digging deep and really confronting things that bother us and deciding when the right time is to get rid of people and situations that will never help us but only hold us back from true happiness. Freedom comes when you can find peace with where you are in life and with whom you've chosen to surround yourself with.