Saturday, 6 October 2012

What started me on my inspirational journey

I found myself after years of being able to just go anywhere and do anything that I pleased, to being confined at home, with no one to relate to. It started gradually and got worse over months until I could no longer work without dizziness and severe anxiety. Over the course of three years, I find myself doing better on most days but still having the effects of flare ups, which keeps going the two steps forward and one step back saying running through my mind. I had access to the Internet which was a lifeline for me in many ways. I have become very familiar with website and graphics design over the span of 10 years while I was raising my son. This was my side hobby along with a personal blog that I had started when my son was five. I kept finding myself on Facebook because of the many pages that I found inspirational. It seemed like each day I would LIKE 10 more pages than the day before because I loved the posts that I was seeing. They were so encouraging and beautiful that I couldn't help being motivated everytime I logged in and saw my newsfeed. I thought how amazing is it that there are people out there who take the time to find these quotes and uplifting posts and post them on their pages each day for others to enjoy. I felt such gratitude and an indescribable feeling of excitement and hope that I wasn't able to find anywhere else. Soon I let these images take over my Facebook page and actually my whole newsfeed so that was all that I saw everyday, all day, when I was logged on to Facebook. You could say that I bombarded myself with positivity and rewired my thinking and feeling sorry for myself to trying to find ways to heal myself. I never expected two years later to become one of these pages that would help to inspire others. So it was through this page and dealing with my health issues that I attribute over 50% of my healing to. We always hear about the connection between mind and body, you read about it almost everyday in some new article that says what you think affects how you feel physically. It always looks good and even sounds good but you never realize how true that statement is until you live through it and you actually see and connect the healing of your body with what you allow into your mind. If I wasn't convinced before, I am a firm believer now. I have changed my life in so many ways. Things that used to be the prime focus are no longer a focus and things that I took for granted I make a priority now. It's not always a health issue or a crisis, or at least it shouldn't be, that helps us to get onto the right path but it's always something that makes you search your soul, that leads you in that direction. I really believe that we should be teaching our children in school at a young age about life and the stresses and how to cope with things, I believe it should be a course all by itself, Life 101. We somehow fly by through our teenage years into early adulthood without even thinking twice. It's a hard lesson to learn especially without any skills, when you hit your mid-30s and suddenly your life is turned upside down.