Friday, 5 October 2012

Treasured Sentiments in elaborate form

I have been waiting for the right time to start up this blog for many reasons including time restraints, motivation and just plain being overwhelmed. I figured there is no time like the present to just get it going. Why wait? The time is never right but for me living an inspired life is what I have done successfully for many years now and it's time to share that in the form of graphics and quotes and posts about my take on things and how I have incorporated this kind of living into my life. I'm excited to branch out from my usual Facebook forum because it allows for more elaborate explanations on the quotes I often create and use on my facebook page. That page started out of the pure desire to want to give right back to the people who I was like and still am so much like, if not more so now. The inspirational pages found throughout facebook allowed me to seek some sort of peace and seeing some of these postings daily actually gave me the motivation to deal with my health issues in a new way. Suddenly I didn't feel alone and like nobody could relate because I saw people responding to these quotes by commenting and sharing their own stories right there in the comments section of the page. I felt like I wanted to say more than that forum allowed me to say, because I always have a lot to say about everything. This is a challenge at the same time because I am still struggling with nerve damage and so blogging and creating graphics often aggravates things and makes this all a little more of a slow process. I don't mind going slowly and taking my time these days as long as the goal is in focus, within reach, and I am headed in that direction, it's really not a big deal anymore. So here goes, I hope to inspire some and help my creative side have more of a voice. Cheers to the blogging world!

What's a good way to be a blessing to someone?
If you have some good advice or can give a kind word of encouragement, instead of an insult or negative feedback, that's a start. Starting small and doing things consistantly with the goal in mind that you are helping and not hurting in some way, opens the door later to bigger and more meaningful acts of kindness. Imagine leaving someone in a better mood than when you first saw them and use that as a gauge for your interaction throughout the day. The list is an endless one!