Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Inner Peace

I was never taught, like most of us, how to find inner peace. I never really thought much about inner peace or had the need for it, or so I thought. Years later, when I started to read every self-help book that I could find, I saw the reoccurring theme of meditation and how it could transform your life. I took up the practice of meditation very early on because it was something that was around me when I was growing up. My father was on his own spiritual journey and had many of these books around the house. He also practiced meditation and yoga but never thought to teach it to me thinking more that I would learn that through observation, which I did. I did have to seek it out in my own time and be ready for it or the concept never would have stuck for me. Having a creative mind means that it's always going, thinking when it shouldn't be and finding a way to turn it off is a challenge for most. I found myself trying to make sense of so many overwhelming thoughts but not knowing how to do that. I felt like I always had 10 things going on at once but no way to put enough energy into those things to ever make them truly fulfilling. It seems like everyone has become busier and the more things to keep us occupied and not sit still, the better. I've only recently learned that stillness is not only helpful but a requirement for me to be able to recharge my creative side and use it to its full potential. I have to carve out time to relax my mind and unwind otherwise I would never be able to find a good time to do that. There have been times when I've been in public places and felt like I couldn't think in my own mind. I found this happening a lot especially in crowded, loud places and it made me withdraw from going to these places because I always felt confused afterwards. It can be more than confusing, it can be very draining and make you feel more tired and exhausted than you really are or should be. I started to try to find ways to relax on a deeper level where I could feel my brain turning off for at least 30 min. at a time. I did my research on all the different types of relaxing music, aromatherapy, meditation, and massage. A combination of all of these things are what I find works best for me. Anyone looking to find their own peace within, will probably have a different combination of things that will work for them. These are tried and true ways and have been tested over time to get the best results. They all work really well. Another way to find peace and quiet is to be out in nature by yourself. Taking walks on the beach or in a park to help you to reconnect to the world around you which helps ease anxiety and tension. I've also found deep breathing to be helpful and restorative. I started to realize and see the results very quickly after I started doing these things and that's usually how it works, when you see results you get excited. So I keep this part of my routine and the benefits far outnumber any health issues or stresses that I might be dealing with. I really believe in having the positive things outweigh the negative in any situation. So if you find yourself bogged down by negativity, the only real way to overcome that is to tip the scale in the other direction. The more that you can find the helpful, healing, positive energy, the more your mind will move into that direction. The more positivity that you surround yourself with the easier it will become to stay in that positive mindset. It isn't always easy when you are surrounded by negativity to find things that you are grateful for or happy about but that is the key, and training yourself to do this will pay off each and every time you find yourself in a negative situation. You always see people out in the world everyday who don't seem affected by the things that go on around them and for some it might just be that they don't care but for most of us, it's a conscious choice that we have to make on a daily basis. The internet has made researching and finding videos and music and other helpful resources so easy to find now, the information is practically right at your fingertips. A great place to start for meditation music and videos is You Tube. It’s not hard to find inner peace but you have to make the effort to get the results.